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Growing Old Is Not For Sissies

May 9th, 2009
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growingold2As I near my 50th birthday I’m a little freaked out.  All my life I have always looked and felt 10 to 15 years younger than I really am.  Turns out this lucky gene that I have had all my life resonates with my siblings as well.  I recently connected with 2 brothers and a sister who I have never met, and they too are much younger looking than they are.

But what about this pending milestone in front of me?  In just 5 more months I will hit the big FIVE OH.  It really sucks.  Perhaps I dwell too much on it and its only going to have negative reaction to negative thoughts. 

What does turning 50 mean?  I’m not sure but I can share with you some definite signs that I have noticed that are associated with me getting older. 

(a). The condition of my yard has never been more important to me.  Now I’m the guy that stares at his lawn admiring it, comparing it to the neighbors, and I cant wait to mow it.

(b). I now use the hand rails to steady myself when stepping on to an esculator.

(c). I have not moved over to the right lane and slowed it down to 55 yet.  If ever the day comes I look in my rear view mirror and I see a line of cars impatiently trying to get around me, I’ll know its over.

(c). Just putting my socks on in the morning seems like I need a game-plan before trying to put them on.   I hear my thoughts in my head saying, “okay now, easy does it.. lets not pop a tendon first thing in the morning”.

So in the midst of my fear of becoming 50 I have begun to fight back.  I’m back in the gym and I’m jogging again.  I have seen some good results and I will continue to fight to get back in shape.  I have set a goal for my 50th birthday that I will be in better shape than I ever have been in my life so I have something about turning 50 to look forward to.

I found this wonderful picture you see posted above.  What an inspiration.  The old face with the buff body.  That’s just a great picture.   The caption means alot too.  Perhaps I should take heed and stop whining… because

Growing Old Is Not For Sissies

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