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Living Life, as it comes.

December 15th, 2022
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Health is not great these days. In addition, I am not doomed. Need a little luck and more of Devine support from God, for sure.


The only positive news is that my heart issue. I have major plaque buildup that was discovered only because I am a squeaky wheel. I insisted on a heart scan even though all my doctors fought me. Said not necessary. You have no symptoms, you’re healthy. However, I got my way. Sure enough, I am about 68% blocked in my LAD. The widow maker. Nevertheless, I have no symptoms. Cardiologists, and at my annoying insistence, is keeping close tabs on it.

I even insisted on them putting in a stent now instead of waiting for an event. They did the catherization procedure to the point of blockage, but they did a U-turn and decided I was not blocked enough. They want it to be at least 75 percent blocked. So I’m like great. Now we roll the dice and hopefully they catch it before they miss it. Get it?

My Actual Heart Scan

But at least now they have eyes on it. I’m taking injections every 2 weeks. Something called “Repatha”.

By taking Repatha you reduce the amount of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood so it slows the formation of the fatty deposits in the arteries. Repatha belongs to a class of medications called PCSK9 inhibitors. These drugs help your body remove LDL (“bad”) cholesterol more effectively than it could on its own.

I recently did a stress test where they monitored my heart while we put a load on it by running uphill on a treadmill. Results: Above average for my age. Did well. They also did a sonogram of sorts that showed my blood flow in my heart still looks good.


So I was born with a rare eye disease called “Morning Glory”. This means my optic nerves never fully developed. Recently I had a retinal detachment with fluid under my retina. Something called “Macular Edema”. Surgery performed. My vision still distorted which is a major disappointment in one eye. I still see good out of the other one, thank God.

My actual eye

I go back to Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute rated 3rd in the country. My surgeon will do a follow up and I will begin the process of questioning getting a different surgery. A uncomfortable conversation I’m sure.


Recently I insisted on a lung scan to detect any possible cancer. Got the scan 4 months ago and it showed a very small spot that they think is not cancerous because its too small. To small to do a biopsy as well. So in February, I get a second scan, higher contrast, to see if it grew. If it did, its cancer and they will rid me of it most likely cause it was caught so early. (Get your scans)


During all these scans they detected I have mild emphysema. I don’t seem to be affected by this but will be seeking a specialist soon to take a closer look.


All this may be wearing on me. I’m keeping my distinctions that this could be affecting me and I’m looking for any signs of depression.


I’m about 15 pounds overweight. I have struggled with my weight my whole life but jogged consistently to fight it. Now for the past 2 months I was not allowed to do anything physical at all with my eye condition. On the 19th will request that they allow me to start back up on the elliptical and do some light lifting.


My indulgence in food is real. I need to reel that in. Plan on intermittent fasting daily at least.


My faith is strong but my actions are weak. I need to get closer to God and show more respect.


Family is under a lot of stress with the passing of close family, parents are very elderly, and all that comes with that.

I’m okay. No matter what happens.

“Live each day celebrating and enjoying the moments of life instead of living life each day fearing death”

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