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Fasting With Clarity

September 22nd, 2018
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Today I had a strange but exciting experience.  While jogging I became present.  Present in a way that I have never experienced before.  I was simply aware.  I was aware of everything.  Everything under me, over me, on my sides, and in front of me and what I had passed.

I was jogging in a fasted stated.  I believe that because of my fasting I’m becoming more in touch with my body.  What else could this new clarity be?  I recently came off a 36 hour fast 2 days ago.  Today while jogging I’m in a fasted state.  Could it be that because I’m not asking my body to process what I’m put into my digestive system that its resting?  Maybe giving me more of what it could not give me because I was always requiring it to raise its insulin so it could convert my immediate sources of food and drink to something it could use?

I’m fasting with clarity.   My vision is now like a fish eye camera.  I no longer just see whats ahead.  I see everything in a panoramic fashion.   I see every blade of grass.  I see every pebble embedded in the trail as I jog.  I see all the leaves and branches.  I see all of these things as I slowly pass by.

I’m fasting with clarity.  I smell everything.  I can smell the warm moist ground around me.  I smell the weeds on the side of my trail.  I even can smell each man or woman that rides by me on their expensive bikes.  I could smell their cologne, their sweat, their clothes.  This was to a point wow!  Is this what a trained police dog has to deal with?  Its almost too much.

I’m excited about this new place I have found.  All since I began fasting.


I think we are on to something !  My body is thanking me.  And rewarding me by taking me to new places I never allowed it to do before.  I feel like time is slowing down.  I’m understanding everything better  as everything is in slow motion.

I’m fasting with clarity !

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