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Broadcasting Your Medals

May 11th, 2009
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Is anyone else concerned or bugged a bit when you see one of these plates out on the highway?  In my view this broadcasting of the fact you received a Purple Heart while in the military somehow does not seem consistent with the nobel service someone may have served and became wounded in Combat in the first place.

 It used to be that this type of information was closely guarded and only shared with a very private few, perhaps your immediate familly or another Combat Veteran.  Maybe thats still true for those that are traumatized in the course of their combat injuries.

When did it become okay to hang a sign on your car that screams “look what I did”.

Now for those of you who want to read me the riot act on how anyone that has fought for our Country should be recognized, please save that drama for someone that deserves it.  I served my country for 20 years.  3 years in the 82nd Airborne, and 17 in the Coast Guard.

To me it just seems to really cheapen the respect that you would have received from the support of the people closest to you that realize what you have been through.   I also wonder if the memory of  your combat injury was that uneventful that your inclined to tell everyone on the road that you were injured. 

Thoughts of perhaps some of those folks had a splinter removed from their ass and now they qualified for a Purple Heart.   I’m inclined to believe that alot of those with these plates had it pretty easy, and the ones that suffered traumatic losses and survived and are struggling to fit back into society, would never consider asking for attention from every stranger on the open road to potentially remind you of your darkest hour on Earth.

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