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Distracted Living

January 14th, 2012
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Look around you.  Everyone is walking around with their heads down, taking small little half steps, shuffling around with their smartphones up in their  faces.  You walk into a resturant and nobodys talking.  You can see everyones face dimly lit up by the light from their phones.   People in cars, walking down the street, working on your car,  delivering your mail… everyhwhere you look everyones on the phone.  I saw a guy yesterday at the mall walk right into a counter becuase he was not paying attention where his feet were taking him.  Have we all checked out?

Its very strange to walk into a bar these days.  You used to to here to sit next to anyone and have some bantor over a beer.  Now everyones has their beer in front of them but they have their heads down and they are staring at their phones beneath the bar.  I mean WTF has happened?  Is this happening all over the world?  Well you can bet Japan has been invaded by Zombies as well.  Maybe worse over there.

I wonder if we can download a application for our phones that tells us when someone we know is within 25 feet so we can look up and engage them.  Wait… I’m sure there already is app for that.

Another thing I have noticed is people have stopped using a decent camera to take pictures.  Myself included.  Now because o the convenience is just way to easy to snap pictures with your phone.  Have you noticed how fuzzy and out of focus most peoples pictures are of major events?  Events that would normally be preserved with a high quality camera are now being recorded with cell phone cameras.

I’ve also have become a Zombie.  Its addictive.   I cant seem to do anything or go anywhere unless I have my cell phone in my hand.   I even jog with my phone now.  There is application for everything.  I even SLEEP with my phone.  I have this applciaiton now that monitors my sleep and you have to tuck it in bed with you so it can monitor your movements.

I have crossed the line now.   I wonder what is next?  Can it get any worse than tucking your phone in bed at night?


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