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Life Is Love

March 10th, 2010
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2368799393_9ce7857805Have you noticed how life just keeps getting easier the older you get?  Things that used to be important in life now seem not to even have your consideration for contemplation?  Because of this your life has dramatically decreased in drama.  All of us will sooner or later “get it”.  Love.   Like it or not, that’s what life boils down too.  I know that that’s a big pill to swallow on the back of a dry loveless throat for some of us who are still early on our paths.  As a matter of fact (or opinion), I would say that the more the idea of “love” makes you squirm the less mature you are where you are.  That’s not a knock on you but a fair observation, in my opinion.

What is life?  Life is love.  What is love?  Love is life.  What is God?  God is love.  Its circular.  Its perfect.  Its graceful.

As the realization of our own mortality sets in,  our lives go through a transformation.  A repositioning if you will, of a sort of internal quake that repositions are personal axis, changing our lifes trajectory towards an attitude of giving and sharing.  Being contributing.

What becomes clear to each of us is why are we on this Earth.  We become less selfish and we begin to lose that “whats in it for me” and start living a “what can I do for you” model.  If you need something more tangible to wrap your head around think about your parents.  Remember how tough they used to be?  Now as you sit across the breakfast table watching them play with your kids, you wonder, who are these people?  And where were they all my life?  The latter is quickly dismissed with your utter most appreciation that they are so much more easy going.  Their grandkids are happily bouncing on your parents lap being soaked in unconditional love.

As I have processed this myself, my conclusion is that what is happening is that we are all realizing that all of lifes possessions are not what really matters.  The old cliche is really true.  Its not what you take with you when you leave because you cant take anything of material, but its what you leave behind spritually.  Your spirit can live in a child for the rest of their lives long after you have been physically absent.  Its your legacy, your memory. It’s  the difference you made that matters.  And either way, their WILL be difference.  What will yours be?

If you dont feel it yet, dont worry or fret.  Dont be jealous or envious.  The catch is that these selfish feelings will not be possible for you to harbor when your path finally brings you to this really exciting place of understanding and forgiveness.  Its quite relaxing.  Peaceful.  Its a gift to have your mind free of all the silly things in life that you never had and never will have control over.  Freeing up space so you can concentrate on the things that do matter.  You will almost always look back at the person you used to be and say.  How was that me?

The nice thing is that you will look back with acceptance and forgiveness with your new toolbag of understanding, and give yourself a pat on the back for your progress.


Life is moments.  We dont have enough time on this Earth to figure out all the things that are bogging us down.  Just take that internal filing cabinet of all the things that befuddle you and dump it on the ground where it belongs.  You DONT have to figure it out!  Its just that simple.

Now with this new room for your soul to move around in, shake of the dust of “why” and just start living.


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