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In Memory Of

September 27th, 2009
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DSC00045-memoryIt always seems that when I see a car in front of me with the dedication of someone passed away, I have mixed feelings.  My first reaction. “oh that sucks”.  My second reaction is to get close enough to the bumper of the person in front of me so I can read the message clearly.  My third reaction is to do the Math and figure out how young the person was that passed away.   My forth reaction is to imagine how that person could have passed away.   Was a car accident?  House Fire?  Disease?  Or what.  My fith reaction, and this is kind of weird, is to pull up and take a peak on who is driving.  Kind of like rubber necking at an auto accident.   I never get any immediate satisfaction on looking at what the person looks like driving and I really dont even know why I do it.  I’m always careful to try not to let the person driving see me looking at them.  In my mind I figure they get alot of that based on the dedication to someone at their back window.  I’m sure if I’m doing it than others must be too.  But somehow I find it rude of me.

I have often pondered, what is the purpose of this public display of affection and loss?  I understand the loss of someone close is a terrible thing.  Wel.. maybe I just answered my own question.  I really  DONT understand that because its never happened to me.  Maybe I would get solice out of doing the same thing should my young Son or Daugher (23 and 25) were to suddenly pass away.

But still somehow I feel a disconnect.  Unless it happens to me I will never know, but I dont think that is something I would do.  Let me make it clear, in this writing, I’m not saying its wrong.  Its just odd to me and I find it curious.

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