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Growth Spout

June 30th, 2022
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Time to hit the reset button.

Putting myself on the hook. I think I need to grow up pretty significantly in several areas of my choices and my indulgences.

Be it Alcohol, poor diet, substandard effort and consistency in the gym, cerebral activity such as reading and writing. Being 1000% more productive with DIY home improvement projects.

I also know I need to show my wife a meaningful love so that it’s something of value for her.

So I’m so aware right now that I finally arrived to the lifestyle switch and I’m energizing that baby.

I’ve done it all. There’s no reason to keep going. It’s all just going around in bad cycles manifested by my sophomoric attitude and childish gluttony.

Lastly I have shamefully drifted away from my faith and I’m going to be held accountable for my sinful ways. I need to get myself and my wife back in Gods house and have fellowship with other faithful believers.

Change is here and I’m ready.

“Today is another chance to be healthy”

Talk is cheap so I know this post is worth almost zero until my actions validate it.


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