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Living For The Weekends

June 4th, 2017
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Living very close to DC and having the metro available is very convenient.  We are in the mix of a diverse group of people.  Our living style if very modern as of now.   Were living in a brand new modern apartment complex and trying to take advantage of all the perks.

But being near DC has exposed me to the seemingly endless political protest.  Everywhere I go in DC when I hear the distant chanting, its a 100% chance is a protest against Donald J. Trump.   Yesterday was no different.  Its was the TRUTH March.  I saw parents dressing up their kids in Wonder Woman outfits holding signs calling Trump a lair.   Quirky looking adults dressed in green holding home made protest signs.  One said “Lair Lair Pants On Fire”.  I had to explain the meaning of that to Tee who is from Vietnam who does not understand that sophomoric saying we used to chant to each other as kids.

I was a little disappointed that I could not just enjoy the essence of DC and have to quietly maneuver around the loud chanting protesters.

Anyways on another note, we rented a bicycle built for two.  (Tandem).  We rode it fro about 1 block and it began to hurt my private parts as the seat was rock hard, and Tee was sliding off hers as the seat was bent down.  We returned it no charge.  That’s when we just walked around DC on foot and it much more comfortable.  We discovered the Hop on Hop off bus tours.  We will do that soon.  Looks like fun.

Today we are going to Church, then the gym, then shopping.  Somewhere in there I will jump on my Harley by myself and ride around.

Weekends Are What We Live For.

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