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Tim begins his new life….

May 31st, 2019
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Tim’s Agony

When I heard the news that evening my emotions split like an atom in opposite directions. 1/2 of me was sad and the other half felt like cheering! Since Tim’s motorcycle accident in 2007 he was in a catatonic state after suffering a severe brain injury.

For 11 years Timbo was on his back unable to escape his the prison of his own body that would no longer function. There were definite signs he was aware of his surroundings. He could write his name, he would yell my name out “Mike Agee” when he saw men when I visited. When I sat by him he would grab the rails of the bed and try to pull himself up with all the strength he had. I could really feel he was mad as hell that he could not escape his self captivity.

One day I came to see him and he was in a TV room. There was a Spanish channel on the Television and there were 4 or 5 Latino employees gathered having there lunch at a nearby table. When I sat down next to Tim he shocked me. “TURN IT OFF”. I immediately turned the tv off as Tim requested. I can only imagine the torture of being a mere ornament while people live there lives in the same room as if you are invisible. Tim was pissed. That was 9 years ago. I moved from California to the East coast and I only saw Tim a few more times after that. I’m not proud of that. I did plan trips to California and every time the fist thing I did was come to his hospital (and I use that term lightly) to see Tim. Each time I saw him he looked worse.

Why am I sharing these shocking and very sad facts? To help all to understand that Tim’s recent death is cause for celebration! Tim is free now. Tim guaranteed himself a place in heaven as he was saved.

Death Has Brought Tim Peace and a new beginning. Tim has ALL THE ANSWERS NOW.

Chapter 2 – The First Meet

One Saturday in Simi Valley in 1973 my father sent me to the grocery store on my dirt bike. Leaving my house and riding on the shoulder of the street I was suddenly being pulled over by a Simi cop. I was at the corner of Yosemite and Cochran. Yup, right in front of Tim’s house. This was the first time I ever met Tim. I saw this husky little kid on his own dirt bike in his driveway watching with great interest as I was handed a citation. (Imagine writing a 11 year old a ticket). After the cop pulled away I was standing there staring at this ticket. Then Tim’s very first words to me, in a annoying and antagonizing way, “Hey, what Happened, didja get a TICKET!” He seem to enjoy my bad luck and repeated this to me over and over while I pushed by bike back home. And so our lifelong and most meaningful, incredible, priceless brotherhood was birthed.

Chapter 3 – The Adventures and the Antics

After that day I held a grudge against Tim. He had not yet emerged into the strong muscular genetic strongman he later became. I was a few years older and Tim was easy to pick on. I remember doing anything I could to irritate him. Tossing small rocks his way. He would entertaiin me to no end with his still high pitch voice “CUT IT OUT” , “KNOCK IT OFF”. “STOP”. But soon we became good friends. We started hanging out every chance we had. Tim and I seemed to have exactly everything in common. Dirt Bikes, Skate Boards, BMX, and the mystery of girls.

It was not long when Tim began coming into his own. He suddenly was a small kid anymore. He developed into a very handsome and fit young man. A kind of a “Burt Reynolds”. I soon realized I had a real problem. All the girls wanted Tim. I was no competition. However we did not care. We would not know what to do with a girl anyways at 13 and 10 years old.

As we got older we contined to persue our our passion for dirt bikes and having fun all the time. We got into trouble together, but mostly I kept him out of trouble. Tim had a bad streak in him for some reason and I was the opposite. I was not especially a good child as much as just scared to get caught. I must have kept Tim out of countless brushes with the law. Still, as we got older, Tim began to peel off on his own. We would still hang out but on the weekends and such. Tim’s schedule was full. It seem everyone gravitated toward Tim. Everyone wanted to hang out with him. So I was on standby in a way when he wanted to hang out.

One day in 1977 we decided to get tattoos. It was our first for both of us. We hitch hiked to Sunset Blvd. Some big biker tatooed us both. Being a knucklehead with $85 bucks in my pocket, I picked out a peacock of all things. Man did that hurt. Tattoo’s hurt like hell. I dont know what happened by my arm swelled up like a log.

Another day I was doing my mandatory weed pulling on a Saturday morning. We had a built in pool. Tim came over and I told him that I would give him a dollar if he jumped in our pool. The pool was freezing cold. Tim took me up. Jumped in the pool, and the cold water made him take a deep breath. Problem was he head was under water. My Dad luckily ran over and grabbed Tim by his hair and pulled him out. He was throwing up badly. Dad was yelling at both of us. Tim staggered over to me. “Pay me”. LOL

Tim and I both ended up with very fast street bikes. We both got 1978 Kawasaki 2 stroke 500’s. VERY FAST. Of course Tim was a better rider and fearless. It was not long before he as pulling wheelies everywhere. He ran from the police more than once and was caught every time. He got many tickets.

Every year we would get up at 3am and sneak into Hope-town for the annual races.

The first concert we both ever went to was the California Jam II. My dad let me drive his 1973 Plymouth Fury to the Ontario Motor Speedway. What outrageous event that was. So many stories about that weekend. It took us 4 hours to find our car in the end.

Tim would always come to our family’s Saturday beach trips to Zuma. Tim came on many other family getaways. Trips to the desert, Big Bear, Camping. One time my Dad let Tim and I drive his Toyota Landcruiser. Of course Tim and I decide to chase protected deer on the reservation and the game warden gave my Dad a visit. My Dad made Tim and I sleep in the back of the Jeep. It was very cramped and an effective punishment. Tim was complaining all night long while I could not stop laughing.

We used to love to fish. We would go to this lake in Simi. I dont remember the name. But one time this big kid decided to pick on Tim. Hes was a very large black kid. Tim and I were not the toughest kids in town when it came to fighting and I remember Tim running away from this bully while his line was still in the water. I was happy I was on the other side of the lake.

One time we rode our motorcycles to the famous Rock Store. Tim and I were talking out front and Tim said “watch this”. He jumped on his bike and went down the road, turned around and pulled this gnarly wheelie for a good long way right in front of us and everyone thought it was really cool.

Tim and I raced BMX. Tim was a very strong person. His legs were very powerful. If Tim had applied himself he would have been a famous BMX racer. He could beat the best of the best. I watched him beat the now Legend BMX racer, David Clinton.

Later in the years I moved away and joined the Army. After the Army I was in the Coast Guard. Tim and I talked on the phone every 3 days without fail for 25 years. But anyway one time Tim asked if he could move in with my first wife and kids in New Jersey where I was in the Coast Guard. I lived on base. We said okay. So Tim came out. Things were fine for awhile. Tim got a job right away pumping gas. I was also working there as well as the military. Once again everyone gravitated toward Tim. The owners really liked him and even gave him a car he could use. However it was not long before things went wrong. Unfortunately alcohol was getting a hold of Tim. When he drank he would turn into a mean person sometimes. He did not show up for work and he got physical with me when he started drinking. My wife kicked him out. Later I found out that Tim had a warrant for his arrest and that is why he left California. He went back to California and turned himself in and he did a short stint in jail.

Now please don’t judge. This write up is about my life with Tim. The good and bad. However no matter what, I would do anything for Tim and he knew it.

I don’t think there is any part of Simi Valley we did not explore.

One of the most painful things for me when Tim got into his Motorcycle accident is the phone calls stopped. That really affected me. I was very sad and could do nothing about it. I would call his phone just to hear his silly voice on his recorder. “Hello, this is Timboooooohh… You know what to do at the beep” Tim was a bit eccentric.

It seemed like Tim was always trying to find himself. He would morph into different characters that he identified with. For a while he as a biker. Then he became a cowboy. Wearing the clothing to reflect.

I was always aware of a certain sadness deep inside Tim. I think some of that came from the way his parents treated him when he was growing up. His Dad was an enforcer and never spent any time with Tim. His mother was somewhat of a nut and she did not help matters.

Anyways. I hope what I wrote here sheds some light on the life and times I had with Tim. Tim leaned on me more and more as the years went by. He saw me being successful and he was struggling. He would always aske m if he coudl move in with me all the time and I never said no. I think he just wanted to hear that someone cared. He always felt better later.

I’m rambling I know.

In closing I want to say that I miss Tim all the time. My entire family loves Tim. We all pray for him all the time.

Rest In Peace Tim!!!

See you in heaven.

Michael Agee.

To Be Continued….

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