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Pets Are A Game Changer

October 9th, 2022
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3 years ago, my wife and I decided to adopt a cat from PetSmart. When we got there, there were 2 kittens still available. All the other cats and kittens had already been adopted. I was wondering why these two were still available. After getting a closer look, and holding them, I noticed one of the kittens belly had a soft bulge. I was told that the kitten has a hernia and will require surgery to correct. Also, she was very small. She is a calico. PetSmart advised I would have to sign a contract promising to have the surgery soon, and also PetSmart would pay for it. This ended up being a non issue. But it did possibly explain why these two were still waiting to be adopted. These two kittens were sisters, so they don’t separate them. If you take one, you have to take both.

We took both. I hurried to sign the contract so that nobody else could take them. From that day forward, our lives were never the same. These two girls enriched our lives beyond what I could ever have imagined. Even though since adopting, our ability to travel has been significantly impacted. Also, and strangely enough, one of the kittens personality reflects me. Laid back, Chill, Loves to eat, Loves Snacks, Demands to be pet, I can let her out back and she does not wander. She stays on the patio and never goes further. We named her “Mellow” Here she is.


The other kitty is very different from her sister Mellow. Very vocal, curious, demanding, always wants to go outside, moody. We named her, Sassy. If you let Sassy outside, you have to go with her. She loves to chase rabbits, birds, lizards and squirrels. She has caught and brought home birds she has caught, rabbits, and lizards. Here she is.


Now the kitty’s are no longer kitty’s. Their birthday is September 15, 2019. They are over 3 years old. Here they are today.

Since these girls came into our lives, my wife and Sassy have bonded beyond belief. I think Sassy really thinks she is her Mom. Hair! THERE IS HAIR EVERYWHERE. Mostly from Mellow. I have to vacuum every morning, every single day, to keep up with the hair.

They are worth it. A couple more pics.

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