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January 30th, 2011
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Pure_Energy-shift-happensWe are all the same.  We are not unique.  Were all human beings on this planet and we all have the same fears and anxieties.  Our personal problems are only unique in the fact that we encase them in our minds that this is “my” problem and I need to figure it out.  The figuring out process takes resources.   Those resources are your minutes on this planet.  The minutes on this planet or finite.  Just think how great it would be if you found a way that you could just throw all the things you have filed away that we have given meaning to what we think we need to figure out.  One way to possibly have this breakthrough is just to even consider that maybe were all the same.  That’s a start, and half the battle.  Once you obtain the distinction that maybe there is another way, to get outside of your box, to think outside of your own brain, to take the blinders off, then you have given yourself a chance to vastly let go of a bunch of worthless worries and a filing cabinet full of stuff that you can just throw into the trash can where it belongs.

We need to realize that we dont have enough time on this Earth to figure it out!  Stop wasting your precious time!  Dump it and live!!

If that hurts your brain to even try to think differently that’s normal.  Your exercising your thoughts to think at a different angle.  Just like exercising your muscles in a gym, you try a new angle when you lift the dumbbell and you find you have a new soreness the next day.  But to achieve a paradigm shift in thinking is outside of this conversation but is for the most part the payoff. 

What is paradigm shift?  Think of it as a change from one way of thinking to another.  It’s a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis.  It just does not happen, but rather its driven by agents of change.

So for now just try to imagine just for a second that you have accepted that you can just toss your lifelong filing cabinet full of worries, concerns, revenge, pain, and any other non-productive inner thought you have made important.  You can just toss it.   Now your light on your feet, you just freed up more room in your head to allow for other things.  Other thoughts.  To grow spiritually. 

How do we do this?   You have to get that the stranger in the elevator has the same fears as you do.  Once you get that you find yourself CLOSE to that person in a way you never knew.  You find yourself saying “hi” to others who before you would shut out.  You begin to invite others into your life and you life becomes enriched and the fulfillment of fellowship release you to levels of love and communication you never dreamed of.

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