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Stop and Eat the Berries !!

September 16th, 2015
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berrySometimes a moment occurs in my life that takes me by surprise.  It almost always involves a impromptu interaction with a stranger.  When the wall comes down between myself and a stranger, (or someone I don’t know), and there is contact, its significant to me.

Today while on my jog, something simple happened but rings tremendous with me.  As I was jogging, I noticed some wild berreries growing along the jogging path.  I stopped and walked back and plucked one and popped it in my mouth.  Out of nowhere, some other jogger was saying “hey are those in season again?”  and he pulled his earplugs out and with a big smile he plucked one and ate it.  I guess we broke berries together.  Then he put his ear plugs back and was on his way.

This is a very small moment in my life, but it sure does make me think there is hope this world that communication (which feels like love), will overcome all the bad things we are exposed to all the time.

Next time you go jogging, or walking, stop and eat the berries.  Maybe you will have some good communication with someone too.


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