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Facebook Reverse Stalking

February 21st, 2010
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Facebook currently does not provide an application that allows users to track profile views or statistics on the views of any specific user content. Third party developers, however, may offer applications that provide some of this functionality. Please keep a few things in mind for these applications:

1.) Applications CANNOT track profile visits for users who simply go to another person’s profile; Facebook has made this technically impossible. 2.) In order to be tracked by an application, you will need to specifically agree to allow the application to track your actions. 3.) Adding an application that provides this functionality is purely optional. If you do not want to participate, please do not add the application to your account.

These kinds of advertisements enticing one to click on to install have a tendency to attrack the types of people to create fake applications or “Trojans” hoping you click on them.  I would stay away from apps claiming they will allow you to see who has visited your Facebook page.  

Truth is if one is that paranoid then perhaps creating a window of information about onself for others to peer into, might not be something one can handle very well.

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