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Consensus Of Agreement

January 10th, 2010

facebook_blockA Consensus Of Agreement is the effect of putting a percentage of accuracy on the perception of a person or a thing.

In other words, if enough people have an opinion of someone or something than weather or not its true becomes moot.  The Perception drives reality rather than what you think “what is”.  Its the perception of the subject that drives the attitude of how one might interact, or treat the subject.

If you dare to find out  more of this that is directly related to YOU personally, then I can suggest a method.  This experiement will give you the reverse perception of affect.  Want to try?   Be careful.

Take a look at your privacy settings on Facebook.  Take note on how many people are on your “Blocked List”.   What is that number?  Is it high or low?  The higher the number the higher the percentage of perception comes into play and the stronger the validity as defined above.

The reverse is true.  If you have alot of people blocked, it is the direct result of your perception of your relationshiop with the subjects on why they are blocked.  The more you have blocked the more you become the common denominator.  The more you become the common denominator the further away you move from why you have them blocked in the first place and the closer you move toward they are blocked because of your perception on how they see you.

So you may might be the broken machine with blinders on rather than the good reason you think you have for blocking them in the first place.

Its kind of hurts the brain to think about and even more it may hurt your ego.

Ahem…. by the way….   I have 6 !!  Maybe I will have to rethink why I blocked them !! 

 How many do you have blocked?

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