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And they will not die in vain….

June 10th, 2009


I cant tell you how many times I have heard this statement “they will not die in vain”, especially on important dates such as memorial day.  Recently we celebrated memorial day and I hope that we as a country are really taking pause to think about what this date really means.  Personally, amongst all the other days that we find ourselves not having to go to work and sleep in, this is the most important day of all of them.

I will be honest and say that for a long time I did not REALLY give this day enough thought, as much as it deserves anyways.  As a kid it was a “non school” day.  Then as I got older it became a “non work” day.  And for that I’m ashamed.  I dont know why it took so long before it really sunk in on what memorial day is all about.

Its about young men and woman with a lifetime of goals anddreams in front of them cut short by enemy fire because they put themselves in a dangerous position to defend our country.  To carry out our presidents orders whether they agreed with it or not.  And for the most part they dont complain because out of respect for their leaders.

I’m worried.  I’m worried that this country is losing some of the old school God and Country beliefs.  I’m hearing too much whining to have more of this, and less of that.  Gay rights, same sex marriage, less taxes,  leaglize marjuana, rights for illegal immigrant, brutal murders, insane nutbags going on killing spree’s, anything to do with G. O. D.  needs to be erased, removed, or displaced.

When I was in the military I was in harms way.  I can remember how proud I was to be in a elite force, a rapid deployment force in the 82nd Airborne.  I really believed that if I died for my country I would not be forgotten.

I saw this photo above and wow, it says it all.  Please really take a minute out of your day and reflect.   Maybe visit Arlington.  Talk to your kid about war.  Talk to your Grandfather about war.  Just do something other than throwing on some chicken on the grill and drinking beer.

Once in a while I see marines out and about.  Young strong marines that already did a tour in Iraq or Afganisthan or maybe going back soon.  Do something for them.  Say thank  you, or pick up their tab or something.  Let them know we care. 

I write this as the risk of being accused of being pompous, but thats a risk I’m willing to take.   The world does has not had alot of nice things to say about us lately but they still want to live here instead of where they are.  Were still the best place on the planet to be because of our freedom here. 

The freedom that men and woman are dying for us to keep.

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