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False Courage

May 6th, 2009

While jogging today my thoughts were interrupted by someones pet.  It was one of those cute little mama’s boy type dogs.  Perfectly groomed and spoiled, the kind you see on her lap as she’s driving. 

So goes the ritual when I pass to close the dogs idea of what is allowed, and the dog charges me, teeth gnashing, and barking up a storm.  However, there’s one small problem.  There a fence between me and the dog in which the dog cannot breach. 

So this little dog puts on his little show of fiery and toughness until it reaches the fence and it shuts up.  Turns around to head back to the house feeling really proud that it showed me… it even turns its head back to give me one more smart ass look like “your lucky”.   At which time I just see myself charging the fence, jumping over it, chasing him down and punting him back to the safety of its mother.

Then I snap out of it… hmm… that was not a nice thought….  back to my run… I’m only half way done… ugh…

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