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And so it begins….

May 5th, 2009

 Here a Lama Spits that Nasty Goo!

Here is my first post.  I honestly don’t know what to write.   Who ever heard of someone writing in their blog that they don’t know what to write, and then write about that?  I’m sure I’m not the first, and I would be quite impressed with myself if I was.  Maybe it will be revolutionary and I will become famous.  Yeah.  Whatever.

I have no idea how long my blogging will last, or what value they may possibly have.  Perhaps only to me (and whats wrong with that) or maybe to my family after I depart this Earth.  I guess then it would increase in value at some level.

I do know that I have alot of thoughts that go through my mind and for example I will see something and say to myself, thats interesting, I should write that down… then of course I forget, as I have the memory of a Lama.  Lama’s apparently are stupid.  I know I hate Lama’s.  Once while at the Zoo a Lama hocked up a good one (literally) and spit all over me spackling my body from about waist up with a smelly disgusting pasty substance.  Oh.. geez, and on top of that everyone started laughing.  Not a good experience.  Neither for my Son as his beloved “blankee” that he held while sucking his thumb, was the nearest thing I could grap to rup this Lamas throat snot off of me.

Did I mention I hate Lama’s?

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