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Father, Son, Ocean, and unconditional Love.

August 25th, 2018
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I am blessed to have the ability to have just hung up the phone after having a very warm call to my 89 year old Father. I decided to all my Dad and tell him I love him and to make sure he knew my most memorable reflection I have had in my life was with him.

I explained that day when I was a very little kid I was with my Dad holding his hand when I saw the Ocean for the first time. I remember my Dad was walking across a highway toward sand on the other side. I remember it¬†was in the morning and my Dad’s hand felt soft in my hand. I felt perfectly safe and protected.

We crossed the street and we started stepping through the very fine grains of and. You know the kind. As we kept moving foward over the and, I saw small plants growing out of the dunes. The last dune we crested, I saw this beautiful deep blue body of endless water from as far as I could see in front of me and as wide as I could see from side to side.

I remember looking up to my dad with my heart fluttering and saying “Dad, It’s Beautiful”.

As I said I just got off the phone with Dad and it was an amazing call that I had the lucky privilege to share that with Dad and tell him how much I love him.

I know that many of us dont have that blessing to say “I love you” or express to a parent how much they mean to us because its too late.

I’m aware of that possibility so that is why I dont waste a day and tell my Dad how much he means to me.

So satisfying to have unconditional love.

That love that only exist with your parents.


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