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November 23rd, 2013
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Yesterday I got on the train to go to work. While I was in my Adult Zone, I kept my head down and found a open seat. As I was sitting something was not right. Everyone in this particular train car was chatting away. Then I realized hey, these are a bunch of kids.

It was refreshing to listen to the young confident conversations going on all around me. I began to wonder, at what point do we change in our adult lives, and build that wall we put up to protect us from other human beings that seem to always be too close to our bubble. I read somewhere there is something called “Free To Be”.

An example would be what was happening right in front of me as these kids chatted away with no filter. Another would be that kid at the grocery store that is singing and dancing down the aisle ways without a care in the world who is watching. But there will be a day when we human beings stop becoming so human, were just being.

Being guarded, being suspicious, being afraid, being recluse, and being suspicious. I could not resist and I engaged the kids.

I told them “hey I did not realize you guys were kids. I only noticed something was different because everyone was talking, explain how us adults usually shut down when we get on the train. The whole car of kids laughed out loud including their adult escorts. It was the best commute of my life and it was refreshing and therapeutic to be around these kids.

I wish we could all dump our adult in a box genre and just be free to be again. Life would be so much more fun.

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