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Fish Wars

May 30th, 2009
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3fish-topEver notice people who like to express their faith in God in different ways?  Some wear a cross around their necks, or maybe a picture of Jesus nearby, or some people like to put the symbol of a fish on their cars.

During the early days of Christianity, Christians were often put to death for practicing their faith, so they worshiped in secret places. A fish painted on the outside door of a house let other Christians know that they would be safe and welcome inside. The Christian fish symbol is now often used to identify Christians and/or Christian businesses.

I believe that this kind of expression is fine in that it does not attack anyone but is a utility to have fellowship with other Christians.  I also believe its not okay to attack or ridicule someone because I don’t share the same spiritual views as they do.  That is why I have a big problem with individuals who are countering christian beliefs with the same fish symbol but with the words DARWIN inside, or the fish symbol with feet.

Its one thing to be proud of your beliefs but its wreck-less and disrespectful to defile someones else’s faith in this manner.

The attitudes of those who stick Darwin fish symbols on their cars shows that while some are merely making fun of religion, many want to appropriate a sacred symbol and wreck it.  In several respects, displaying the Darwin fish is the symbolic equivalent of capturing and desecrating an enemy’s flag,  an act of ritual aggression.

As a christian I would be a hypocrite to put my car in park take a screwdriver and pry that Darwin Fish symbol off of the car in front of me and then politely hand it to the driver, but trust me I have enjoyed the thought of it more than once. (Romans 3:23)

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