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Put the SNAP back in your spongy keyboard.

January 3rd, 2010
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Snappy Keyboard
Snappy Keyboard

These days we all spend alot of time on our computers.  Choosing the right keyboard is right up there with choosing the right mattress to sleep on.  Its not something we really enjoy spending alot of money on but it sure makes life alot better.  If you think about it your computer experience is only as good as the keyboard you are using to interface with it.  What you want to avoid is using a keyboard that is “spongy” or has a “springy” feel to it.  Its kind of feels like your pushing the keys as your typing away.  Over time this can become quite uncomfortable and you will tire faster. 

This keyboard I’m showing today is what I would recommend.  It has that “snappy” feeling to it hwen you hit the keys.  The feel is more like a sturdy pop rather than a spongy push feel.
Its probably more obvious that you want to use a snappy keyboard over a spongy one, but what is not so obvious is how to buy the one you like.  One method is to go visit Staples or another of your favorite gadget shops, find the one you like, and write it down on a scratch pad.  Now you have the make and model of what works for you can make a smart purchase.  You wont be fooled by attractive adds. 
Now hit the internet with your make and model and find the keyboard online and make your purchase.  You will find that prices online are typically cheaper than at the stores.  I just recently researched for one of these keyboards and I would recommend the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 Keyboard.  (MS DT 5000 KB).
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