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Voices In My Soul

March 1st, 2018




“If something is lost, don’t waste your time looking for them in the right places”  – Dad when I could not find something


“You cant be with the right woman if your with the wrong woman” – Mother on love advice


“It will feel better when it stops hurting”  –  Dad when I broke my arm


“Wait until your father gets home”  – Mother when I messed up


“Bread and butter salt and pepper cream and sugar”  –  Mother (Her standard dinner table checklist)


“Boys will be boys”  – Dad when he would calm mom down for stupid thing me  and my brother did.


“And this too will pass”  – Dad advice to get tough times


“Your day will come”  – Dad  (soothing me to be patient when I was desiring my drivers as a teenager)


“It’s a nice night for an evening”  – Wally Tauch  (My best friend in California later killed by a drunk driver)  ((He named me Mickey))


“No excuses now”  –  Wally Tauch carrying in a new beautiful surfboard he bought for me and taught me to surf


“Do you take cash here”  –  Wally Tauch at the fast food drive in window


“You took her like a man, now leave her like a man”  – Mom on love advice


“If it hurts, don’t do it”  Doctors advice


“You can always come home”  – Mom


“If you have to convince yourself, the answer is no”  – Mom


“Pray about it”  –  My Sister Mary


“When I vacuum, I really feel like I’m accomplishing something”  –  My Sister Laura


“A watched pot never boils”  –  Dad


“Respect the elderly”  – Mom


“The worst thing about getting old is nobody wants to talk to you”  –  Dad


“If you liked everyone that makes you a crazy person”  –  Army Buddy


“Women want a man, not a mouse”   Mom on love advice


“Sometimes you have to throw a punch”   – Dad


“You are who your friends are”  – Mom


“Sharks don’t sleep”  –  Dad


“Do lots of favors for your Mom then you wont feel guilty later”  – Uncle Rocky




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